.. in den letzten Tagen ..

.. wars etwas ruhig hier am Blog

Warum, fragt ihr euch vielleicht? Nunja, ich bin gerade am Planen und Organisieren. Zumindest VERSUCHE ich meine Chaosbude auf Vordermann zu bringen d.h. umräumen, Möbel rücken, umsortieren
(die Bänder- und Glitzersteinchen-Schublade hab ich zumindest schon mal geschafft :P)
Leider klappt das nicht immer so wie ich das möchte, da Olivia es ziemlich langweilig findet Mama beim Aufräumen zuzugucken. 😛

Naja .. und was hab ich noch gemacht in den letzten Tagen? Zum Beispiel mein Fachl in Villach ausgeräumt .. jaja .. nach über 3 Monaten ist es nun leer und .. ja und jetz?
Jetzt findet ihr mein Fachl in Klagenfurt 😀 ja genau, ab 1. März gibt es auch s’Fachl in Klagenfurt! +yay+ und zwar in der Paradeisergasse 4!
Eine total tolle Location die um einiges mehr zu bieten hat als „nur“ Fachl mit tollen, selbstgemachten Artikeln.

In den nächsten Tagen/Wochen werd ich euch hier immer wieder ein paar Neuigkeiten dazu posten 🙂

So und ja, was gibt es noch? .. ich hab endlich einen gscheiden Flyer gestaltet 🙂
Mit Hilfe meiner lieben Freundin Tanja und meinem weltbesten Schatz ist dieser kleine, aber feine Flyer entstanden.

Gefällt er euch? MIR schon <3



Hey y’all 🙂
I’m back from my vacation 🙁 which sucks but I’m glad I’m back at the craft table as well 🙂 
Here are some impressions from our trip to Florida, Miami, Bahamas, …. 🙂
And down below you see my current take on the MMM challenge – architecture 🙂

hop over and play along at MMM this week 🙂 we’d love to see some architecture inspired creations 🙂 I just LOVE New York City, so it was easy for me to choose the matching die – I also used my Cameo to cut the sentiment – and for the background I just sponged on some ink, sprayed some water on it and added some salt – love the effect 🙂
Fairytale: starry sky + cosmos
Cut it Up: die cut + inspired by a song — New York, New York by Frank Sinatra
Glitter’n’Sparkle: die cut/punch
Country View Challenge: the color blue

Tissue Box Giveaway

A bunch of people asked for a tutorial for my cute little tissue box – and here it is (in German) – let me know if you’d like to have it in English as well 🙂 
 btw: I’m giving away this little box as well as a kit so you can make the box yourself 🙂 feel free to play along – over at my facebook page 🙂
Here’s the Dropbox Link

home is where your heart is

when a dear friend of mine – I met her when she was „a little girl“, and now she’s all grown up exploring the world – asked me to make a card for her, as a thank you for her family for all their support, I was super happy 🙂
 she’s currently in London but her heart is still where it belongs – 
at home in Austria 🙂
Merry Christmas, Nora :*

Simon Says Stamp Blog: anything goes
The Paper Shelter: anything goes
Creative Knockouts: anything goes

52 reasons :)

loving someone is wonderful, and sometimes your significant other just needs a couple of little reminders why you are so into him – especially when you can’t see each other every single day 🙂

The Kraft Journal: No pattern paper
Keep It Simple: 3 (3 Kreise, und Twine 3x verwendet – zaehlt das?)
Aud Sentiment Challenge: Anything with a sentiment
Little Tangles: Anything Goes

sew it :)

it’s the 15th! which meeeans – the new Bastel-Traum challenge is online 🙂 this month we’d like to see some stitches/fabric/sewing on your projects, and over at Creative Friday we’d love to see some stars 🙂 hop over to see what the BT and  CF design team created 🙂 I pimped a regular kraft colored gift bag – used some spray paint, sequins and some twine to sew the cloud 🙂

as of last Tuesday, I’m an aunt 🙂 that’s right 🙂 and also a Godmother +happy+ baby Nino is SO cute 🙂

CAS on Sunday: sequins
KIS: baby
Stamping with Dragon: anything but a card

CUYL is back :D

After a rather long break, Manu and I have decided to open the doors of Challenge Up Your Life again 🙂
Do you want to be part of our design team? – then please read through the following bullet points, hope over to our Challenge Up Your Life blog and link your blog 🙂
We are looking for some talented girls who would love to be on our design team 
and are willing to:
– create one project per month  — all styles are welcome, we want to show all kinds of cards but also scrapbooking and other paper crafts are happy to join
– communicate and be part of the CUYL-family
– have their own blog and a Facebook-Account
– leave some love on the participant’s entries 
If you want to be a part of Challenge Up Your Life, please leave a link to your blog at the Linkytool 😀

Happy Crafting and hope to see you soon on the DT 🙂

live your life

.. so, this new year has just started and it feels like it’s killing me already – my mood has been crazy those last couple of weeks and honestly, I can’t even resent it. I’m going from one low to a high into another deep low – it’s like this Dare Devil roller coaster from Six Flags ..

I have been pretty emotional and made some weird decisions, which weren’t really decisions but sometimes I act like a stupid 13 year old who doesn’t know it better – even though, I’m pretty sure, I do know it better, it’s like — hej yeah, no, I don’t make the same mistake twice, I make it 6,7,8, 98687 times, ya know,  just to be sure – which I don’t regret being like that ‘cos that’s just who I am, but it might have been wiser to just let go, JUST LET GO, damn it – see, I’m exaggerating because nothing really happened, nothing, that would really change my life, it’s basically all in my head – I’m thinking way too much which creates a problem after another. I mean, wtf -.- I need to get a more balanced life style with a “whatever attitude” ..

Oh well, so, as you can read, I’m pretty messed up right now without a real reason – it’s basically just me, being me .. starting now, I’m gonna try to be a happier me and try to surround myself only with people who are going to lift me higher, who appreciate me, know my value and won’t give up on me – there are only a few people but I hope I can count on them .. especially because I made a really big step and decided that it’s time to move .. moving out of my parent’s house was never a real issue for me because ever since my brother moved out we have enough space for me, my clothes and my craft supplies 😉 .. I get along pretty well with my parents so I never really thought about moving AND bringing all my stuff .. but I guess those three weeks,  or let’s say, this last week showed me that I need to be alone for a while – do my own thing .. don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for my family and friends – they are awesome, but I guess I need to be on my own for a while .. we’ll see how this all turns out 🙂 .. I did find a pretty nice apartment already – I hope I can sign the lease next week 🙂 it’s pretty big and awesome and I can’t wait to start moving in, buying furniture, painting the walls and live 

here are my fav colors 🙂

2o14 OLW

.. good morning 🙂
remember OLW — one little word to live by all year? — well, I must say, I kinda forgot about it last year .. of course, I wanted to live by it but it kinda got lost over the months .. which sucks ..
so this year, I’m gonna try to remember it every day throughout the year .. maybe I should use a sharpie and write it on my hand every other day .. it’s


.. without regrets, do what makes you happy, enjoy life ..
so LIVE is my olw 2o14 .. I’m gonna start living and enjoying life as much as possible .. and using my sharpies 😛 .. thank God I got a bunch of colors so it will always match my outfit ;P
PS: thanks for pointing out my spelling dear Anonymous 😉