ladybug :)

Once upon a time .. I was a little ladybug 🙂 haha love that picture and I loved this outfit .. I got a ladybug hat as well – to bad it isn’t on the picture 🙂

I felt like scrapbooking this one – and finally I got it done 🙂


geez .. the resist technique was a real challenge for me – but thats what challenges are for, right 🙂 I tried to create a card, but somehow it didn’t work LOL .. so I did a Layout 🙂 the circles and the green flowers are stamped with acrylic paint, the title is embossed 🙂 if you want to know how to apply those techniques to your works, hop over to Challenge Up Your Life and check it out 🙂

I used the title out of the current Scrapping the Music Germany Challenge song „Gewinner“ which I really like 🙂

the idea with those „to do“ thingies is „covered“ from Kelly Purkey 🙂

University ..

.. is very stressful and sometimes I really think about quitting (especially when those dumb ass profs are thinking they are God) .. BUT I will not quit – cos thats just not who I am 😉 .. so I try to not to take life too serious and start scrapbooking because thats definitly some kind of therapy for me 🙂

last week I did this LO .. I like it a lot because it is full of colors and I guess I did a good job 🙂

the title is: world domination vs swinging

once upon a time ..

.. there was a lil girl – and it was me 🙂 I was looking for baby pictures and I found them in a huuuge box in my Moms closet .. a hundret pics are horrible – too dark, no heads and so on – I’m soooo glad that we got digital cameras nowadays .. 😉

here are my first two layouts – a baby pink and baby blue one – I created with my pictures of me bein a baby 🙂


.. today was/is a good day – I did 2 more Layouts – can you imagine????

this one, is for the current STMG challenge, I know, the text is missing – I found such a pretty quote, but can’t find it right now – might be at home somewhere .. as you can see I did this LO in my favorite colors 🙂 just love this green/pink/yellow-orange mixture xD

Jagoda = strawberry .. some people are calling me that since I used the name as a joke sort of at an online platform 😉

Endo ..

.. is a very uncomfortable topic for me BUT I need to handle it, so I’m going to talk about it in my story telling class tomorrow – for this occasion I did this Layout to show my fellow students what’s really on ..

Happy Easter ..

.. I guess 🙂 I had a lovely very quite day with my Mom today .. we’ve just been at home but it was really nice because my Dad and my Bro are not at home and that means NO TROUBLES 😉 .. I remember, last year we had a huge fight at dinner and that was just horrible so I enjoyed the day today even more 😉

Today I made a layout, called Cake & Coffee 😉 we took those pictures when my Mom and I went to Graz last fall – that was a really nice day and I love those pictures 🙂

well .. on thursday I went to Piran/Slovenia – we had a really nice day, it was sunny but the Bora was very strong so we had to pay attention that we didn’t get blown away 😉 – I’ll post some pics later on 🙂

so have a nice easter and enjoy the holidays 🙂