finally – CUYL

.. is back 🙂 they had a xmas break as well, but I’m glad its over now 😀

their new challenge is called: Ice & Snow

well .. actually I’m sick of all the cold weather and snow stuff so this here is going to be my LAST wintercard for this season .. I might start creating spring and summer stuff 😀

30 and fabulous ..

.. when I got asked if I could make a birthday card I was flattered 🙂 the guideline was: usw the color blue, a cocktail glass should be included plus the number 30 .. I was like thinking and rethinking and thinking again and then I started to pick out paper and stuff and thats the result:

oh boiiii

.. I’m soooo tired .. after gettin up at 6.30am for the last 3 days (3 dentists appointments in a row +ewwww+) I’m soooo happy 2 b able 2 sleep a lil longer 2morrow xD

lately .. I wasn’t that creative .. studyin 4 all my friggin exams might b a reason 4 that .. I do have to start studyin for next thursdays „slavic cultures“ exam .. and I might start checkin out the topics for the english linguistics class as well.. Oo .. I think I should stop talkin about Uni lol

well .. here’s what I’ve to show ..

#1 .. not it was not Halloween lol – I know the colors r tellin a different story 😉

#2 .. Christmas 2oo9 .. – it was just awesome!

#3 .. well .. a day after I did this layout it started to snow .. haha

#4 .. cozymozy fleece cards .. the guideline was: red, brown and beige

#5 .. haha u might wonder why there’s a plural „s“ @ deer? – cos there r diff. types of those animals – alrighty 😉

its a beautiful day ..

.. but it wasn’t yesterday, thats why I did 2 Layouts 🙂

the first one is for the current scrapping the music germany challenge as well as for a challenge in the Austrian Scrapbooking Forum .. the pumpkinboy LO is for a friend and fits in a Halloween challenge in the Austrian forum

4 days left

a wedding and christening tomorrow

working on sunday and monday (last day @ work) + signing my rental contract for my APARTMENT +yeah+

tuesday –> leaving home at 4am for Philly 😀

buuut .. my boss is having a birthday on monday and a workmate asked me to make a card :S wasn’t very happy about that, but, here it is .. kind of simple, but that fits for her 😉


6 days left until my depature to Philadelphia, and guess what! I’m friggin excited 😀

There’s a wedding on saturday, and I’m soooo looking forward to it 🙂 hope the weather plays along :S +hope+ and yeah anyway, I just made this card for the happy couple and I hope everyone, especially the bride and the groom likes it